About Us

Banke Global Health was born out of the humanitarian efforts of our CEO, Roberto Banke. As the medical community was left overwhelmed by lack of supplies in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, he took the initiative to find a way to help. Using the well-established relationships he built with his global distribution company over the last 12 years, he organized supply lines from trusted worldwide manufacturers to aid in the efforts to get PPE items into the hands of those who critically need them.

 Our operations include working directly with manufacturers, ensuring quality and standard measures are followed per the latest US regulations, importation via our familiar and secure lines, and distribution from our various warehouses in Southern California. We are proud to deliver quality-assured products in an expedited manner to everyone from small businesses to large corporations and healthcare entities.

 It is an honor to assist the world in its fight against the COVID pandemic, but we are also invested in establishing Banke Global Health Organization as a stable and abiding medical supplier long after the world has recovered from this crisis.